Global Dominators Literally Rule

December 26, 2016

I am always looking for SIMPLE world class long term rate of return, dividends, diversification, safe, ‘no-brainer’ investment. In my mind, the “Diamonds” ETF (Symbol: DIA) epitomizes all of the above. It’s comprised of the Dow Jones 30 Industrial Average Stocks, period. What better investment could there be than a basket of 30 of the biggest, baddest, global dominating multinational corporations in the world? Who’s going to better be able to withstand anything and everything that the world can throw at it? Who’s going to better capitalize on bear markets by gobbling up small and medium sized companies? Who’s got the politicians in their pockets and the people on their payrolls? The easiest and safest way to ‘get into’ the stock market when it is so ‘high’ is to simply divide your total investment by twelve and then invest 1/12 into DIA every month for one year. If there is a downturn, you’ll buy some on the cheap, and if there isn’t you’ll be happy not to have allowed your pessimism leave your investing on hold. Note: Whatever cash you must spend within three years should NOT be in a long term asset like stocks.

Other worthy ETFs include SPY and VT. Do your homework. My fave is DIA.

Happy New Year!